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Color Psychology of UI and UX Design

Color Psychology of UI and UX Design

Colors can speak in ways that is more stronger than a language. Color psychology is an important aspect to look at when designing UI/UX as it is the colors that grabs the attention and influences customer’s buying decision by stimulating certain emotions and moods. 

Research conducted by the Institute for Color shows that users take about 90 seconds to assess the quality of online products. From 62% to 90% of all product assessments that people make are color-influenced on the subconscious level. Quicksprout’s article laid out several reasons why it is important to apply the psychology of colors. It explains:
1. Colors can help your website/design stand out by grabbing the user’s attention by using the right color combination.
2. Visual dimensions greatly affect the buying decision of users
3. People can assess something through color alone
4. Color also contributes in increasing conversion rates. 

Wrapping it up:
Considering the above reasons, it’s crucial to apply color psychology while designing UI/UX. It becomes important to ensure it’s done effectively. If you need assistance, Consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ We are determined to turn your brand’s vision into reality with our best practices and unique approach. 
What is UI Design? Principles and it’s role in website development

What is UI Design? Principles and it’s role in website development

User interface (UI) design refers to the process of making something look in a certain way while maintaining functionality. It’s the way to increase  website’s traffic with its combination of attributes and features that the website provides. According to Forbes, a good user interface raises the conversion rates by 200% and good ux design by 400%. UI design plays a significant role in attracting customers.

Here are few principles that one should consider while designing UI design:

Keep the design simple 

Incorporate easily navigable menus

Select vibrant and appropriate colours

Use decent typography

Ensure you’re reducing the cognitive load

Consistent design.

Giving the user control by allowing redo, undo and cancel an action they have already taken

At the end:

If you need assistance, consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ because we believe great product experience can be built by a design consistency through which we bind suitable UI modules with predictable and distinguishable actions.