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Intuitive and prejudiced behavior of consumers

Most of us might know what happened to Tropicana when it underwent the rebranding of its very well-known product in 2009. The move failed so terribly and ended up with a huge loss to the company. Whereas, the Parle G biscuit by Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. is still in the market with the same iconic branding since its emergence. Do you know why is it so?
The answer lies in User Centricity, the intuitive and prejudiced behavior of the consumers. Understanding the behavior and influence of users is an important consideration in the design of user interfaces, websites, mobile apps, and other digital products. It can help designers create products that are easy to use and engage by taking intuitive aspects of the user into account that influence user behavior. We never build the products for ourselves or the people within the organization. We build it for the masses. Where, we need to give them what they need to have; in a way they prefer it to get.
Using psychological techniques to influence user behavior, such as through the use of persuasive language, social proof, and incentives. Designing products that capture and maintain user attention, through the use of visual cues, animations, and other design elements.