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Advertising Design – Importance and principles

Advertising Design – Importance and principles

Advertising design is the combination of marketing and design. Design holds a great significance as design is the approach that makes an advertisement unique, attention-grabbing, direct in communication and further leading the viewers in taking specific action. 

Studies have shown how people tend to remember images better than they do words. A strong advertising design holds the power to let consumers take that specific call to action and further influence their purchasing decision. Here are few tips that one should follow while creating ads

1. Know your target audience and design accordingly

2. Be consistent with the message 

3. Create emotion

4. Be organised, direct, clear and to the point with the message

Few principles of advertising design include:

1. Balancing with right alignment

2. Emphasise patterns and repetition

3. Customise graphics

4. Usage of vibrant colours

5. Leading a call to action

If you need assistance designing your advertisements, we’re right here for you. Contact us today for a quick consultation.

Social Media Management- Key aspects and it’s role in building a result driven brand

Social Media Management- Key aspects and it’s role in building a result driven brand

In business, it’s crucial to have an effective social media marketing strategy but we don’t always obtain the desired result from it. It’s when social media management comes into play. An effective social media management is a plan to turn the vision into reality. 
Social media management is the process of creating, publishing, promoting and managing content across all social media platforms. Best practices of an effective social media management include:
•Creating posts schedule

•Posting on all social media platforms and analysing the insights of the the post

•Engaging with customers and other businesses

•Planning advertisements and collaborations with people in field for better reach and visibility

•Reflecting on the performance and engagement of the post

Wrapping it up:
Social media management is an integral part of social media marketing strategy. At ‘Vivifive Solutions’, we offer a range of digital marketing services. Contact us today for a consultation. It’s time you turn the vision to reality with our result driven approach.
Product Packaging Design- Brand’s most important marketing tool

Product Packaging Design- Brand’s most important marketing tool

We may not judge a book by its cover but we definitely do judge products by their packaging design. From reflecting the product’s quality to being a crowd puller, packaging design can be a powerful marketing tool. 

Products with good packaging design tend to draw the attention of consumers more than poorly designed products and consumers look for nothing but simplicity and creativity in the packaging, something that’s standing apart, something that is simple yet so appealing, something that’s information is found quickly. All of these factors add up to the decision to finally purchase the item. 

Product packaging purpose is no more limited to conserving the item. The objective goes beyond. It also includes communication with consumers, building a marketing strategy and enhancing sales. Hence packaging design is the most important element and one has to ensure it is taken care of as much as the product itself. 

Wrapping it up:

Consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ because we research and develop a creative strategic design that not only reflects the product’s quality but also its personality which further correlates with increased sales. 

Digital Marketing tips that are a game changer!

Digital Marketing tips that are a game changer!

Digital Marketing; over years, has proven to be the game changer for businesses when done consistently. Making the best use of it is no more optional in today’s digital world. With online marketing one can reach global audience and stay connected with their audience and customers.

Here are 7 Digital marketing tips that are a game changer

1. Know your target audience

2.Have a strong social media presence and an effective strategy

3.Provide quality content; Content that answers viewers questions4.Be excellent at designing

4.Be excellent at designing

5.Closely monitor your analytics

6. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly

7.Develop email marketing

Bonus point: Be consistent with what you do. 

Stay a step ahead by following these tips with consistency and if you need assistance, consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ because we at ‘Vivifive Solutions’ understand the role of Digital marketing and how crucial it is in the growth of the business.

Our Approach to Website Design and it’s Development

Our Approach to Website Design and it’s Development

Our Approach to Website Design and its Development

Though there is no universal or golden rule to define a design work process, We have a unique approach. Most of us focus on the design so much that they make the site or project much more complex. A cool or unique design experience should always tend to have a good combination of UI/UX. So that the balance between creativity and its impact-making ability can be maintained.

Some of our best practices are:

With an optimized performance, we make your website run smoothly. A great product experience can be built by a design consistency through which we bind suitable UI modules with predictable and distinguishable actions.

We have an approach of simplifying things by keeping the customer/user experience in mind ensuring that you and your customers/users can interact with each other easily.

We provide technologies according to your pocket. We do not use any unnecessary tool in order to make it efficient yet affordable. Because using a suitable tool while working on a project is at times pretty important. But, it is also equivalently important to consider the efficiency of the tool itself, in order to create an impact for which the project is designed/built.

Wrapping it up

In order to push your website design to the next level, you can always reach us, whether it could be a new project or an existing one. We’ll help you to have a website that includes a good combination of UI/UX, better performance, responsive and dynamic modules. All of these things will make a perfect combination to express your USP.

How to develop an effective social media strategy

How to develop an effective social media strategy

As rightly said by Stephanie Sammons, “Random social media marketing tactics lead you to random results. You need a strategy”

Strategy now is simply a fancy word to address planning, creating and executing the content to achieve specific goals on social media. It’s crucial to have a strategy that guides and paves our action to reach the goal. The more specific the plan is, the more effective it will be. Following the golden rule of marketing, each of your social media goal should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

Specific: Make sure your goals are focussed. Being more specific helps you identify what you want to achieve.

Measurable: Make sure your goal is trackable. Do not make it broad as it becomes impossible to measure.

Attainable: Your goal should be challenging but still reasonable to achieve. Take time to reflect.

Relevant: This is about getting real with yourself and ensuring what you’re trying to achieve is worthwhile.

Time-Bound: Every goal needs a target time duration that motivates you to stay on track.

Wrapping it up

Your social media marketing strategy is your master plan to success. If you need assistance from social media management to building an effective social media strategy, consider Vivifive. We at Vivifive, design and develop your ideas, thoughts and imagination as digital content.