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Color Psychology of UI and UX Design

Color Psychology of UI and UX Design

Colors can speak in ways that is more stronger than a language. Color psychology is an important aspect to look at when designing UI/UX as it is the colors that grabs the attention and influences customer’s buying decision by stimulating certain emotions and moods. 

Research conducted by the Institute for Color shows that users take about 90 seconds to assess the quality of online products. From 62% to 90% of all product assessments that people make are color-influenced on the subconscious level. Quicksprout’s article laid out several reasons why it is important to apply the psychology of colors. It explains:
1. Colors can help your website/design stand out by grabbing the user’s attention by using the right color combination.
2. Visual dimensions greatly affect the buying decision of users
3. People can assess something through color alone
4. Color also contributes in increasing conversion rates. 

Wrapping it up:
Considering the above reasons, it’s crucial to apply color psychology while designing UI/UX. It becomes important to ensure it’s done effectively. If you need assistance, Consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ We are determined to turn your brand’s vision into reality with our best practices and unique approach. 
Role of Typography in Design

Role of Typography in Design

Typography is something one may often overlook but it has the power to make or break a design. Typography is the art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy legible, clear, and aesthetic. Moreover, it establishes an information hierarchy and strengthens the message. There are five fundamental principles of typography namely contrast, space, hierarchy, size and alignment that every designer must follow.

Here are few reasons why typography plays a big role in design

-Provides graphic balance

-It attracts and holds the viewers attention

-It creates and build recognition

-Helps evoke certain emotions from the viewers. 

Wrapping it up:

Typography plays a very critical role in design. Consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ because we understand that a good typography should always guide and inform your users, optimises readability and accessibility and ensure an excellent user experience.

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Product Packaging Design- Brand’s most important marketing tool

Product Packaging Design- Brand’s most important marketing tool

We may not judge a book by its cover but we definitely do judge products by their packaging design. From reflecting the product’s quality to being a crowd puller, packaging design can be a powerful marketing tool. 

Products with good packaging design tend to draw the attention of consumers more than poorly designed products and consumers look for nothing but simplicity and creativity in the packaging, something that’s standing apart, something that is simple yet so appealing, something that’s information is found quickly. All of these factors add up to the decision to finally purchase the item. 

Product packaging purpose is no more limited to conserving the item. The objective goes beyond. It also includes communication with consumers, building a marketing strategy and enhancing sales. Hence packaging design is the most important element and one has to ensure it is taken care of as much as the product itself. 

Wrapping it up:

Consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ because we research and develop a creative strategic design that not only reflects the product’s quality but also its personality which further correlates with increased sales. 

Importance of Logo Design to uplift your business

Importance of Logo Design to uplift your business

Your logo is likely to be the first interaction people have with your brand and as the saying goes – you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. 

Studies have shown that nowadays people have short attention spans so it should be our prime focus to grab the attention of potential customers at the very first glance through a well-designed logo. A well-designed logo sets the foundation of your brand’s identity. Infact, logos do more than just identifying your business. 

Here are a few reasons why logo Design is important for your business:
1. It evokes a sense of connection between the brand and the consumers

2. Reflects core values of the company

3. It separates you from the competition

4. Communicates the message of your brand. 

5. Creates a first impression

Wrapping it up:
Designing a professional logo does not have to be complicated. Consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ because we believe logos must be simple, memorable, timeless, appropriate and at the same time allure potential customers towards your brand. 
Digital Marketing tips that are a game changer!

Digital Marketing tips that are a game changer!

Digital Marketing; over years, has proven to be the game changer for businesses when done consistently. Making the best use of it is no more optional in today’s digital world. With online marketing one can reach global audience and stay connected with their audience and customers.

Here are 7 Digital marketing tips that are a game changer

1. Know your target audience

2.Have a strong social media presence and an effective strategy

3.Provide quality content; Content that answers viewers questions4.Be excellent at designing

4.Be excellent at designing

5.Closely monitor your analytics

6. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly

7.Develop email marketing

Bonus point: Be consistent with what you do. 

Stay a step ahead by following these tips with consistency and if you need assistance, consider ‘Vivifive Solutions’ because we at ‘Vivifive Solutions’ understand the role of Digital marketing and how crucial it is in the growth of the business.