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10 Golden Rules of UX Design

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User experience (UX) design has got a simple job; to focus on the smooth interactivity of user and application or the website while making it accessible and simple at the same time. In order for it to serve the purpose, knowing the rules of UX design is imperative.

Here are the golden rules of an efficient UX Design:
1.Allow users to navigate easily via shortcuts
2.Make it familiar, simple and accessible
3. Build strong visual hierarchy 
4. Aesthetic and minimalist design is a must
5. Be purposeful in the page layout
6. Choose colours and fonts strategically
7. Offer help. For example- chatbots
8. Place the user in control
9. Reduce user’s memory load
10. Strive for consistency and prevent errors

Following these rules, you will gain a good foundation for creating a good and efficient UX design. If you need assistance, Reach out to us for consultation today. 

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