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ocn drama 2020

ocn drama 2020

In 2009, she played the role of a cross-dressing heroine in You’re Beautiful alongside Jang Keun-seuk. RELATED POSTS. November 2020 Dramas Overview: Premieres & Themes At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [July 2020] This beautiful Korean actress started her career via modelling when she was just 14 years old. The story from the past reveals why is the current situation happening to them. How many of you were intrigued when you heard the news of having the chance to Live and Stay in Mars and will be the subject for experimenting if people from Earth can start up a new life on Mars? Read the drama information here. This movie gives us a feeling that disasters can happen all the time without us knowing about it. bae suzy is doing well carries and is scheduled with good projects lined up for her after the expiration of her contract from JYP last March. She was last seen playing an heiress in the 2015 medical series Yong-pal, and now she’s back playing a mother who has died but refuses to leave the human world because of her desire to watch over her family. Blue Exorcist Mephisto Good Or Bad, The series made a huge impact, especially it is being starred by Yeon Woo jin as Oh Soo-min, JeongYu Mi as Ham Eun ho and Park Yong Woo as Moon Ki Seon is a 3-man team of doctors and exorcists who’s doing their hardest to protect the people confined in a Catholic Hospital. This drama is mixed up with some magical scenes, it might befall to thriller and the changes were devastating, you’ll realize there’s a lot of crime involves. Jun Ji Hyun was unshakeable in Forbes Korea’s list of Power Celebrities. Below are some of my personal choices of best OCN Drama that I would recommend and would personally suggest to each of you who are just starting to watch Korean dramas, Most of these dramas became “Top-Rated” and made massive noises in the drama industry! Sub Zero Wind 2019 Play Hit Korean Movie? According to film critics, the movie shows an intricate combination of sci-fi and melodrama which results in a more entertaining movie. The happy ending of this Drama-Series will give everyone a feeling to become part of the series, though in spite of the tough roads that they had before ending up together. The Access to Higher Education Diploma (Drama) is a Level 3 qualification which prepares people without traditional qualifications for study at university. Stay Here Netflix How To Apply, Last updated on Oktober 19, 2020 3 min read Daftar Nama Para Pemain Search. The cable channel OCN has its load of thriller and mystery dramas in 2019. Bisa dikatakan drama OCN punya genre drama yang berbeda dari drama lain karena memiliki genre yang menunjukkan lebih banyak aksi, kekerasan, dan kegelapan. OCN DRAMA is considered as one of the most greatest Dramas in Korea and even in other countries, Korean series and dramas are indeed trendy nowadays because of the uniqueness and thrilling stories that they can offer. This series will prove to us that we can risk things in the name of love because the two will fall for each other and since they have different standing and far different from each other the grim reaper has to break a rule and just to love Ha-ram. The older brother named Jin Tae 9 (played by Jang Dong Kun) is a shoemaker who provides for his family’s everyday needs. She also took the main lead role in the teen drama Who Are You: School 2015, Let’s Fight Ghosts and The Emperor. They are Yoon Hwa-pyung, a psychic who was born in a Shaman Family, Choi Yoon, who came from a religious clan and Kang Kil-Young, who is a daughter of a great detective. The film had reached 1 million audience just one day after its release. At present, she and husband Rain are expecting baby number two and are slated to play the lead role in a Chinese drama called Sage of Calligrapher, Wang Xi Zhi. Jo Byeong-gyu (OCN) … Peace Lily In Shock After Repotting, Every character in this movie made a good impact on the story, Especially Kim In Hae, performed by Soo Ae, who gave an impressive acting skill, alongside the well-known actor Hyuk Jang, who played the character of Kang Ji Koo. The two have shared “treasured moments” 3 years ago, unfortunately, Yoo mi left Jin-wook out of nowhere and was not seen for a long time. After 20 years, these three men will meet each other and will decide to work together as a team to defeat the demon. It also showcases the alertness of the government to the issue of their country. The storyline is not just to showcase its characters but also the beauty of their country, South Korea, they show the difference of every City that was shown in the movie. They have encountered a lot of things such as Dramas, Issues about their families, Struggles in their relationship and life twists, but they keep their love intact and alive. If you like dark and action U.S. series, you might want to try an OCN drama. A lustrous eye psychologist or the so-called genius profiler, Lee – Hyun returns home to Korea and tries to solve unregarded cases and phenomenal wonders. It is a story of the secret mission of Baek Shi-Yoon (Park Si-Hoo), A former perceptive agent who investigates crime and will find out the reason as to why his partner died three years ago after his unsuccessful mission that they had in Macau. She then meets Bong rae (played by Don Lee), a renowned Korean-American seismologist. The scenery and cinematography were well played but one of the best Korean disaster movies, it became more likely to be a drama because of the outcome of the story in the end. kyungsoo Oct 20 2020 1:51 am Actually it's a good action k-drama so far in 2020. The two were destined to meet each other after 3 years’ time and they formed a team called “Golden Time Team” and they are on the same boat; to chase the serial killer, dead or alive. Even this drama shows a little bit of romance, still, it was blended with superb scenes graphics. Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-26 to 2021-April Air time: Monday to Friday 08:35 Related Series: Phoenix. Best 15 List of Heavenly Made Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas Ranked Review 2020, Top 10 Korean Drama 2019 Most Mentioned & Awaited, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung 2019 Korean Drama Reviewed, The Wind Blows 2019 Korean Drama Reviewed, Partner for Justice Season 2 Korean Drama Reviewed, Top 10 List of Best Historical Korean Dramas Review & Ranked [2020] Updated, Huge News: Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo Divorce, DRAMARUN All Right Reserve Copyright © 2019 - 2020 - JUST WORTH TO READ, ), A former perceptive agent who investigates crime and will find out the reason as to why his partner died three years ago after his unsuccessful mission that they had in Macau. The film broke the audience record of 10 million moviegoers in South Korea alone. It didn’t come to Eun-ho’s mind that Ye-ri / Joo-ri has this strange secret to her personality as well. Its solid script, delicate production and actors’ passion would sure make a memorable Summer for K-Drama patrons. It will scoop your souls out and asphyxiate your breaths, the bloody scenes that will make your goosebumps to arise. He travels there to attempt to save his family, without realizing the consequences of his journey, it may also affect the situation in present times. Meanwhile, Jin Tae’s fiance Young Shin (played by Lee Eun Ju) awaits her boyfriend’s comeback while trying to get food for her family by joining the communist party. This one is my top favorite Best OCN Drama. OCN mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan membuat remake film Miss & Mrs. Tentang Sinopsis - Train merupakan drama Korea baru akan tayang mulai 11 Juli 2020 di saluran televisi OCN setiap hari Sabtu dan Minggu jam 10.30 malam. Kim So Hyun is not only a great actress but also a skilled MC. Oh Soo-min, who’s playing the main character became a catholic priest because of the help of his senior priest Moon Ki-Seon to help to save the people from the dark and evil spirit because his mom also died because of possession of the demonic spirits. Also, she became part of May 18, one of Korea’s highest rating movies of all time. The Cinematography of this movie was well organized according to the created scenes. Save Me (2017) It circles a story of a grim reaper named Han Moo Gang who was assigned to investigate a series of murders and crimes over the years. This movie gives a good lesson that no matter where you came from, you can be a hero in your way. 32-year-old beautiful Korean actress Moon Chae Won does it best starring in historical dramas including Painter in the Wind and Princess’ Man. 2011 Ford Fusion Towing Capacity, Because of the pause in filming, ep. Good Will Hunting Full Movie, It’s Fantasy Korean Movies but in our case we will include it on our checklist since they had a unique storyline and setting! Get  to know more of them as we give you the top most beautiful Korean actresses 2020, their lifestyle and some of the achievements. During Yong Nam’s mother’s birthday celebration, a mysterious white gas suddenly covered the entire district of Seoul. Music career wise, she is also very active after the release of her second album Faces of Love. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. She recently hosted several big shows such as Melon Music Awards, Show! This story deals crime suspense korean dramas a serial killings, a detective named Moo Jin – Hyuk who can solve major cases suddenly ruins his life. He and his other friends including Su Rin (played by Shin Eun Soo) ventures out into a cave in a forest when they discover a glittering egg to which according to folklore, the egg can turn a child into an adult. Even after she got married and had two kids, her status as Hallyu star was never threatened at all as she remains one of the most in-demand celebrity endorsers in Korea. Prepare yourself because for sure this action-thriller-mystery Korean drama series will give you that “action star” feeling while watching. The authors of this site also have no affiliation with Netflix. Maybe not all of us may be happy or satisfied with this movie, because of viewing too many situations with different characters with a different perspective in life. & Sun. Awarding of OCN London qualifications in 2020-21 Guidance for centres on assessment, moderation and awarding in 2020-21, in the context of the Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (EERF). What language should I use when talking to them during fan meetings? Who does not like to meet their love for life in an instant though??? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Four years after the success of the drama Dae Jang Geum, her contribution to Korean Wave was recognized by the South Korean Government with a Cultural Merit award. Crime Suspense Korean Dramas that you must watch out right now! This is also a comic based fantasy drama which tells the story of a man named Kang Shin-woo (Lee Jung-shin), a hardworking, good looking and famous mathematics high school teacher who was not able to forget his first love 10 years ago. Earthquakes are unpredictable even in the 21st Century where technology has already improved and almost changes the world with its innovations. In 2017, she had her first lead role alongside Park Seo-Joon in Fight For My Way. He presents a way to possibly stop the upcoming supereruption. She is one of the most sought after and critically-acclaimed performers in South Korea. Years in between her small-screen comeback in 2009 for Iris, Kim Tae Hee busied herself with CM and two movies that unfortunately didn’t do very well at the box office. During those years, Park Shin Hye debuted her first ever music video in Lee Seung-hwan’s Got Flower. When Young Hwa Yoon thought the call is just a prank, the bridge suddenly blows up 10 minutes after the phone call. The main character Kang Pil-Sung (Song Sae-Byeok) is playing the role of a detective and his ability to having a strong instinct makes him different from others. The comedy-drama-romance series catches people’s attention because … Seo Ye Ji reportedly cast in new OCN drama 'Island' as her next small screen project. Before her acting debut, she had a few stints as a DJ and a rapper as well. Soompi Drama Korea yang bakal tayang Juli 2020, di MBC, KBS2, tvN, OCN, dan JTBC On January 13, 2014, Ryu Hwa-Young became the lead actress for Zia’ new music video entitled “Have You Ever Cried”. Cast Does it include in our list? On December 31, 2013, she made her first ever public appearance after leaving T-ara at the 2014 Miller Countdown Party. The action-packed movie has created a good impact on its audience that will make you watch till the end. Check how many you've watched :) -up until January 2019- A 48-year-old actress Lee Young Ae is well known for playing Jang Geum in 2003, perhaps the drama that truly brought K-drama fever to the rest of Asia. To be considered as one of the best Korean disaster movies, you need to put your audiences in real emotions. Well, if you had the same case to others, come and join me to escape this world full of wrath and heartbreaks and go to the more thrilling and adventurous action suspense world. A former member of defunct group T-ARA, 26-year-old Ryu Hwa-Young had her acting debut in 2014 for mini-drama “Mother’s Choice”. For the upcoming season of the OCN drama “Voice”, Song Seung Heon may be starring it, as cited from Starship Entertainment on November 11, 2020. She was revived in 2005 to work with Director Lee Jae-Gyu who she wanted to work with for the Fashion ’70s. However, the two neither confirm nor deny the said rumour. 2020 Korean Drama Lineup. Exit is a 2019 film directed by Lee Sang-geun starring Jo Jung Suk and Im Yoon Ah. The sequel, entitled “Peninsula”, which is “Bando” in Korean,  is said to be released in August 2020. But ignoring this movie and not finding out the small details why this is a good one, it will be a waste especially that it views the real people in the real world. Genre: Fantasy Drama Main Cast: Kim Tae-hee & Lee Kyu-hyung Predecessor: Crash Landing On You Hi, Bye Mama! Upon watching one episode you can’t help yourself from watching another one. When Lee Jung Soo (played by Ha Jung Woo) drives home for his daughter’s birthday, he enters a tunnel and suddenly gets trapped inside. Pasalnya drama korea yang dibintangi oleh Jang Dong Yoon dan Jung Soo Jung atau lebih dikenal dengan nama Krystal Jung ini merupakan drama OCN bergenre militer yang rencananya akan tayang pada paruh tahun 2020. New OCN action-thriller casts Kim Ok-bin, Lee Jun-hyuk by tccolb. While fans are asking for a sequel, reports revealed that a sequel might be on its way in 2020. OCN release still cuts of the main character for their upcoming military thriller, The Search 써치 featuring Krystal Jung and Jang Dong Yoon. Soaring to the upper echelons of the ratings, Crash Landing on You was the k-drama to watch in winter 2020. Today, we shall go over the list of confirmed Kdramas that will air in 2020. Heidi Wyrick 2020, It started her popularity outside Korea, particularly in Japan, where she signed an exclusive contract under IMX. Tags :Netflix. While their day to day lives seem ordinary, they are in the microcosm of life as they bear witness to people being born and dying on a day to day basis. Because of this, the government dismissed the demand of the terrorist, making the latter go awry. Profile. Somehow, OCN dramas distinguished themselves from other dramas from the main channels with more action, violence, and darkness. Because of its great plot and storyline, Exit got favored  by several movie review critics including Rotten Tomatoes. Yoo Kyung (played by Jeon Hye Jin) puts up a team to execute a countermeasure for the impending disaster. Yoo mi is working as a Nutritionist at the cafeteria of the company. Another K-Drama series based on a popular webtoon, RUGAL will be arriving on March 16th, 2020! OCN is a movie channel on basic cable throughout South Korea, owned by CJ ENM E&M Division. •Action •Drama •Human. Han Ji-soo (Lee Yeol-eum) playing the role of a lovely and intelligent student from his school. 2020/01/02 Source. Sama hal nya dengan ciri khas dari drama OCN lainnya, drama Missing The Other Side juga bergenre Fantasi, Misteri dan Thriller sekaligus menyajikan ceritanyang menegangkan yang akan membuat rasa penasaran penonton serta menguji adrenalin penonton terpompa. Train (Korean: 트레인; RR: Teurein) is a South Korean television series starring Yoon Shi-yoon, Kyung Soo-jin and Shin So-yul. Ryun Hwa-Young also became the youngest female DJ to ever participate in the said event. After a long time of hiding, He decided to buy a bar and he named it “. ) A fantasy story that will bring romantic vibes to its viewers. Dan Rowan Net Worth, Han Hye Jin got married to football player Ki Sung-Yeung in 2013 after being in a relationship with Brown Eyed Soul’s Naun in 2012. Moon Chae Won proved her acting prowess in the variety of dramas she has been part of like The Innocent Man and adaptations of US series like The Good Doctor and Criminal Minds. Han Hyo Yoo is not only an award winning actress but she is also an established model. This unique Medical-drama-thriller Korean series will surely mesmerize you and will encourage you to dream of becoming an exorcist. The best crime drama series on Netflix in October 2020 include a strong mix of network dramas and Netflix originals, with something for all tastes. When a Korean war outbreak occurs, the two need to be away from their family to join the military team. Be refreshed from the fantasy drama series, It’s time for you to watch something close to reality. Vanishing Time is about a 30-year old man who suddenly appeared after he mysteriously went missing in a forest. Do these beautiful Korean actresses give a chance for their fans to meet them? Starring Ji Hyun-Woo and Kim So-Eun, this drama talks about the lives of two people co-living in one house. Golf Master Cheat Code, The story of this series is about the two individual journeys to fight for what is right and to serve the right justice. Afton Family Roblox Id, Ada lima drama Korea seru yang akan tayang pada Januari 2020 ini.

After winning many wars over his illustrious career Ta-Gon has cemented his place as the most powerful man in the nation.Born with the same curse as Eun-Sum, Tan-Ya is to be the successor of the Wahan Tribe. Later, a mysterious man in his 30s suddenly shows up and tells Su Rin he is Sung Min. Kymco 3 Wheel Scooter Price, Most of them have subtitles in various languages. Dubbed as one of the most beautiful Korean actress, Bae Suzy was born on October 10, 1994 in Buk District, Gwangju. She performed as a DJ together with DJ Koo, TATA and Park Myung-soo. If you can speak Korean they try to do so as well. Normal Pulse Rate, In 2017, Kim So Hyun marked her first adult role in a historical drama after Moon Embracing The Sun as Yoo Seung Ho’s love interest in Ruler of the Mask. 2020 tvN, OCN, JTBC Drama Line-up. On this day, reports stated that Seo Ye Ji has been cast as the female lead of a new OCN drama series called 'Island'. Surely conflicts will arise in their series but aside from that, you will be inspired to work with unity. Will there be an upcoming sequel to Train To Busan? That Man Oh Soo. Because of this, Young hwa Yoon takes advantage of the situation get his career back as news anchor. She was only 13 years old back then. Yong Nam only depends on his parents just to make things end. This drama involves marines, political conspiracy, and grudges. He then comes across Kim Wook (Go Soo) and Lee Jong-Ah (Ahn So-Hee) to solve the mysteries that surround the village.Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Kim Ok-bin, Lee Jun-hyuk. Three teenagers met one another while their families are killing each other. This series is all about the life of a great and intelligent detective who is efficient in his job, but carrying a bunch of responsibilities on his shoulders. After winning many wars over his illustrious career Ta-Gon has cemented his place as the most powerful man in the nation.Born with the same curse as Eun-Sum, Tan-Ya is to be the successor of the Wahan Tribe. OCN’s “Island” will reportedly be a 10-episode drama premiering in the first half of 2021. Genre: Fantasy Drama Main Cast: Kim Tae-hee & Lee Kyu-hyung Predecessor: Crash Landing On You Hi, Bye Mama! A new action-thriller is being planned on OCN called Dark Hole and casting has been confirmed for Kim Ok-bin (Arthdal Chronicles) and Lee Jun-hyuk (Forest of Secrets 2).. This movie will make your knees weak because of the intense actions and will make you focus on the movie itself, especially the actors who give life to a disaster movie. Korean actresses aren’t only known for their immense talent, but also for their seemingly everlasting youthful appearance. It may not reach our expectations about a Korean movie. Each episode is a bizarre yet interesting; and every series showcases the broad imagination of the writer. It doesn’t evolve too many actions, unlike the other Disaster, themed movies. Back when they were in college, Yong Nam and Ui Joo used to be members of the rock climbing rock. This movie is one of the Best Korean Disaster Movies that gives us a big lesson to every audience or viewers that already have seen it, only when you focus on its hidden messages. You may know Han Hye Jin as Soseono from hit epic drama Jumong, but before that she was a young widow in MBC’s daily drama Be Strong, Geum-soon. Three years ago, the teenagers went to some sort of suicide issue in their childhood and they try to escape from it, but no matter how hard they try to run away from it, it keeps on haunting them by the society of the cult of the girl that they save consumed them whole. Surely all of us had this “Save Me” moments which we all experienced due to unwanted circumstances that happened in our lives. The qualification gives you the relevant academic knowledge and creative skills needed for higher education study and the opportunity to develop study skills to help you to succeed. Son Ye Jin was born and raised in Suseong District, Daegu. Thanks to its great cast, fantastic storytelling, and plenty of charm, it’s not hard to see how, or why, the series is currently the highest-rated tvN drama of all time. After a long time of hiding, He decided to buy a bar and he named it “Neighborhood” He then met this person named Choi Chan-Gyu (Lee Soo Hyuk) who is very hopeful of becoming a great police officer someday. This creation will toy your emotions that will make you heartbroken at the end of the movie. [As of this writing, more will be added as new details emerge] As the pair learn more and more about each other and grow closer, it’s not long before the pair begins to fall in love.In the mythical land of Arth during ancient times a power struggle ensues in the city Arthdal. OCN original series Train will be broadcast in July 2020. Black Money 2019 Upcoming Korean Movie to be Release Soon! She has an older twin sister who also happened to be a rapper and former member of the group Coed School and the sub-group F-ve Dolls. one of best crime suspense korean dramas a mysterious lawyer, homicide detective and quiet librarian that has a super psychometric ability merged as one to solve undeniably cases and twisting murders. Actresses like Shin Min-A, 35 years old, Lee Young Ae, 48, Oh Yeon-Seo, 32, Kim Tae-Hee, 39 and Song Hye-Kyo, 37 proves that with their youthful looks and personalities, your age is just a number. Upcoming Saturday-Sunday OCN drama Amazing Rumor, written by Yeo Ji-na and directed by Yoo Seon-dong, is scheduled to air in the latter half of 2020, after Search finishes its run. On October 25, 2019, OCN's marketing chief Choi Kyung-joo announced during the channel's "Thriller House" press conference that Search would be among the 11 television series which would air in 2020. Rammstein i Limp Bizkit !!! How To Clean Rocks Without A Tumbler, With their good looks and flawless skin, South Korean beauties never missed to catch anyone’s attention. Rumour has it that Park Shin Hye is dating actor Choi Tae-joon. OCN Sat-Sun Drama The Uncanny Counter Debuts to Rave Reviews and Nearly Doubles in Ratings in Episode 2 to 4.350% Posted on November 30, 2020 by ockoala Yay, I’m so so excited for another great Sat-Sun drama to nosh on during the upcoming holiday season! This Best OCN drama is one of the rare Korean dramas which story is based One the comic. The main cast Gong Yoo is also said to return along with new casts including Kang Dong Won, Lee Re and Goo Kyo Hwan. The cast line-up stars Cha Seung-won, Kim Sung Kyun and Lee Kwang-soo from Running Man. This nerve cracking series is about the two individual, who was given special abilities to solve cases in different ways. A anchorman discovered mysterious bundles of incense that have the power to send him back in 90’s. It may be a disaster movie, but they didn’t focus on solving the crisis, but only fight back without any solutions to take action about the outbreak of the virus. Awarding of OCN London qualifications in 2020-21 Guidance for centres on assessment, moderation and awarding in 2020-21, in the context of the Extended Extraordinary … The story is centered around a small town where the black smoke of an unknown substance is found drifting out from a sinkhole. Music Core and many more. Title: 써치 / Search Genre: Mystery, Thriller Episodes: 10 Broadcast network: OCN Broadcast period: 2020-Oct-17 to 2020-Nov-15 Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30 (Continue Reading & Discuss) It will make you cry but gives a big impact on one’s selfishness. Train to Busan was a huge success when it was first released in South Korea. Possessed is a special comedy-thriller-supernatural Korean Drama series that has been aired in early 2019. En el evento, Choi Kyung Joo confirmó 11 nuevos dramas que llegarán a OCN en 2020. During his stay in the past Shin-woo will find out that the first love of his life is keeping a deep pain from her childhood. A Father could do everything for his Daughter’s sake. Her next projects include two movies, one slated for 2019 release and one for 2020. Set amidst the backdrop of the Korean DMZ (demilitarized zone), OCN’s latest drama Search begins with a disappearance, that turns into a murder mystery at the front lines of the army. There has been a huge shift in home theaters in 2019; cable and general programming are finally producing results that threaten ground-wave channels. Let us know if you have enjoyed our list of the Best Disaster Korean Movies of all time by leaving a comment below or you may also sign up with your email address or other social media accounts to receive the latest updates for your favorite Korean Dramas and Movies. They fused together and both solving unfolded cases and chasing for the killer. Some of Park Shin Hye’s most memorable dramas include Stairway to Heaven, Tree of Heaven, You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings and The Heirs. We will hate the government and Kim Nam Gil is a character we will idolize in this movie, for sacrificing himself for the lives of many people but have you ever thought that, the people he will save are the ones just like the government? Beautiful actress Ryu Hwa Young was born on April 22 1993 in Gwangju, South Korea. Song Hye Kyo is not only a great actress, but she also has a big heart especially for children. If you like dark and action U.S. series, you might want to try an OCN drama. They will find out that Na Kim is being abused by her mother and her Live-in boyfriend, because of Jin Kang her life will turn out differently and if you haven’t watched it yet then find out if she will be saved from abused or will she be free and have the justice that she deserves. She has starred in a number of hit  dramas and movies such as Stairway to Heaven, Love Story in Harvard, Iris, My Princess and Yong-Pal. But in just a glimpse he will find out about his real identity that he is a Vampire which he never imagined. In the first part of the movie, it differentiates the lives of two worlds, The Wealthy, who lives a luxurious life, and the Average, who works for the Wealthy. Vuhdo Target Panel, Nah, itulah lima KDrama thriller OCN yang akan tayang pada 2020. It gives a feeling that will make you one of the casts of the movie. She is also slated for the main role in an upcoming movie titled Collateral. By analyzing this list of Best Korean Disaster Movies, in the end, People are raised to save themselves in every disaster they encounter in life, and that will never change. She even won New Best Actress recognition at Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards for her performance in the film War of the Arrows.

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